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Au vallon des Fouzes

Guest House in Cevennes and Table d'Hotes Mini-farm

FouzesFouzesGuest house terrace FouzesFouzesapples from the orchard FouzesFouzesCausse Méjean situated in the Cevennes National Park FouzesFouzesGranite chaos on Mount Lozère FouzesFouzesSaffron flower FouzesFouzesWe are happy to welcome donkeys FouzesFouzesSomething peculiar about Les Fouzes, will you find it ? FouzesFouzes Florac and his "pecher" spring FouzesFouzesRN106 crossroad between Florac and La Salle Prunet FouzesFouzesOur she-dog named Zouf
FouzesFouzesDion Bouton railcar (Céfédé) FouzesFouzesSwimming area FouzesFouzesWall made of dried stones FouzesFouzesPoster for the famous 'Soup festival' FouzesFouzesThe 'Rochefort' rock in the snow : extremely rare !! FouzesFouzesCevennes in autumn FouzesFouzesEggs from the henhouse : why don't you go and pick them up yourselves ? FouzesFouzesMount Lozère in the Cevennes National Park


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FouzesFouzesAven Armand caves in the Cevennes National Park FouzesFouzesThe bathroom door FouzesFouzesA portrait of Stevenson FouzesFouzesFormer railway tunnel (CFD) FouzesFouzesChestnut shell FouzesFouzesLes Fouzes brook FouzesFouzesThe guest house bathroom FouzesFouzesFlorac Castle, Cevennes National Park headquarters
FouzesFouzesOld apple tree in the orchard FouzesFouzesThe iron bridge that'll lead you to Les Fouzes when coming from the main road FouzesFouzes The guest house composting toilets FouzesFouzesBlossoming saffron field FouzesFouzesUntared track before our house FouzesFouzesPrzewalski horses on Causse Mejean Plateau in the Cevennes National Park FouzesFouzesGuest house door handle FouzesFouzesPuech des Bondons in the Cevennes National Park FouzesFouzesBoris and Clochette, two among our Ouessant sheep FouzesFouzesThe Tarn river gorges